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UPDATE: a completely re-vamped edition of Take3Fight3! is included as unlockable content in the game's spiritual successor, Soul Survivor: Trials of the Goddess. The Soul Survivor demo is out now and receiving regular updates - check it out here:


A gamejam project I created in RPGMaker MZ for the 6th Annual Driftwood Gaming Game Jam. Reception during the jam was more positive than I could have anticipated, so I've begun working on some updates and improvements, the first of which was just released at the time of writing this text.

Gameplay is focused around a retro dungeon-crawl, with lots of resource management and meaningful (I hope) choices to be made. Combat is low-numbers, Dragon-Quest type stuff but with a bit more "combat puzzle" especially towards the mid-to-end-game.

Intended to be played without saves (permadeath!) but you can turn on saves and hints in case the difficulty isn't suitable. After multiple playthroughs I think it isn't too broken and I am hoping people actually find exploits I never thought of :)

I had to cut a lot of corners versus the original spec but hey, it's the first real project I've ever released, so...

May Update # 1: improved UI elements - message boxes, battle backgrounds, icons, menus; tweaks and re-balancing to select skills, enemies, and items; fixes - fixed some bugs related to specific item pickups that didn't work correctly as well as the Quake spell tome; QoL - dash enabled, Merchant Scroll checks if you really want to dismiss the shop or not before exiting, improved visual feedback from many combat effects.

3rd party graphics, plugins, and music assets were used. Credits to:

BitbyBitBert, YujiBoy, LuckyCasette, TheMightyPalm, SorceressGameLab, somepx, Team VisuStella (Yanfly, Arisu, Olivia, Irina)


Take 3 Fight 3!.zip 181 MB

Install instructions

Extract the contents of the .zip and then run the .exe file


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i really liked the giant replayability, me and my friend defeated the final boss and we already wanna play again!

This game is a lot of fun! Definitely gives you that, "OK one more go!" feeling. I really enjoyed it, great concept.

And thanks for using some of my music as well! :)