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Soul Survivor: Trials of the Goddess is a retro, rogue-like RPG with a unique gameplay loop:

  • Take up to 3 "free" items per area
  • Fight 3 battles of your choosing
  • Choose wisely!
  • You Died? Revive and try again, taking some upgrades into your next life

This is a choices-matter dungeon crawler that emphasizes optimization as well as experimentation to solve combat and exploration challenges.
What choices will you make?

Your character must explore a mysterious island linked to an age-old evil entity, in hopes of finding clues left by the Goddess (and heroes from ages past) to help unravel the ancient curse. If your character dies... your soul will live on! But you'll only be able to take 3 upgrades with you on your next Life.

In development, this is an early alpha that contains the first two chapters of the new campaign.

There are 3 chapters planned plus a variety of extra modes to further test players' skills! Full game anticipated Q1 2023. 

The prototype version of the game (Take3Fight3!) is also unlockable from an upgrade merchant in Area 6, along with some other permanent upgrades. Note, to take advantage of these you'll need to either Game Over or finish the chapter and create a New Game+ when prompted.


Soul Survivor v.8.1 Demo.zip 386 MB

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When I saw the 8 bit title screen with accompanying music, I thought, "Oh no!", but upon playing the game, I found it to be very engaging with a depth I've only begun to uncover.  I had a list of specific things I thought were either good or could be improved... but I can't even understand my own notes!  Things I can remember off the top of my head:

- If you are not allowed to use certain items in battles, I feel like you should be able to escape somehow.  There could be a penalty for doing so, but without much ability to heal, it makes it very difficult.

- I haven't played long enough to tell, but the game is challenging from the get go.  I think I made it to level 6 (somewhere up in the mountains), but the learning curve is steep.  I've played games before that put you back to the beginning when you die, but they had more randomization making it more fun to keep trying.  For example, there are always keys in the first area, bombs in the second, etc.  So you lose a little bit of the "choice" element when those things stay the same.  Maybe it is a programming issue so it was done that way, but just food for thought.

- This is nitpicky, but I had to go through 3 menus to find out what my total health was.  I'd like it front and center, even on the main screen if I have 84/150 HP, MP, TP... it just wouldn't be so tedious by going through several menus to find the answer.

- I think you are onto something with this game... keep at it because the concept is cool and challenging.  

Thank you very much Crossbow! I appreciate the great feedback you've provided.

With any luck this game will be completed by the end of 2022, but I am committed to releasing it regardless of the timeline.

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I may be mistaken but for me New Game+ doesn't let me choose anything I couldn't choose the first time. It has no effect I can notice.

Am I doing something wrong?

Just got to the end. Pleaaase finish the game. It's such a shame that it ends so early :(

Hi there - thanks for playing and for your interest in the game. I'm hoping to get this one done by end of 2022! (wish me luck)

New Game+ lets you bring in any upgrades you may have purchased from the special vendor in Area6, and it also brings over any Champion's Medals (the main upgrade currency) from that save file, so that if you're working towards a bigger upgrade you don't have to collect all the medals in a single run.

There are other ways to earn upgrades but most of them are through the special merchant for the moment.

I hope that helps!


-press a key cannot be clicked 

-need to see what skill do and the mp cost before grabbing item 

-cant target scorpion at 35:25 

-id like to see what l unlock when l learn a passive skill, otherwise ill need to learn just to make me reload 

-last area before demo end had no items 

-people are just going to reload if you make them able to save when you die once and you dont have 3 lives if you have to remake the character after dying once 

-it looks like there is no healing skills except salve so youre dependent on potions if you dont take salve at the beginning*the 2 other choices are completely useless compared to healing 

-mp to do damage is weaker than just attacking and do around the same damage, also no tp skills that get boosted by magic damage which make tp useless for a mage 

-not enough mana regen when trying to just do mp damage, youre forced to go physical and take atk while if going physical you dont need mag to do anything, only healing would be better but you have enough mana to heal either way 

-secrets dont look randomized, got the same thing twice 

-cure doesnt worth the 3 mp, lower to 1mp 

-last boss before mines dont give xp which could be used to gain skills you want to keep https://youtu.be/NBEQFMIHu90 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5dh5LUyan8

Thanks for the video and detailed comments lolshtar. Appreciate you checking out the game!

I really enjoy in playing this game!

Thanks so much! I hope you enjoy the big update that just came out as well :D

Ah nice, will download it now. :D

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Think of it as dragon quest, but you are playing Sifu in a dark souls setting.
It is a very very good game with a unique gameplay, making it standout from tons of retro indie games.


So glad to see another game coming out from you! Found you through Hawk's jams and this one looks amazing! <3 Love the concept!


Wow, thank you very much and I hope you enjoy the game!