Codex Feature! And Some other Stuff

Greetings, worthy Souls!

There's some great stuff happening with Soul Survivor: Trials of the Goddess currently that I'd like to share. For starters, there's the updated demo covering Chapters 1 and 2, which you can of course download here on Plus, I've finally updated the Steam demo (which is only Chapter 1 at this point*) to include the QoL enhancements, balance changes, and features that itch has been receiving for a while now.

"Steam demo, you say?"

Yes, the game is slated to be released to Steam when complete. In fact I had planned on releasing in March 2023, but that schedule had to change a bit due to various factors (most of them unrelated to game dev... you know how it goes). That all said I am hoping that this June will see the full release of Soul Survivor on Steam and, consisting of all 3 Chapters. When that does occur, the itch version will be a paid download only and listed at the same price ($5.99) as Steam, but until that time I will continue to offer all content for free.

This latest build has a cool new "Codex" feature which is the in-game item catalog and bestiary, among other things. You can access the Codex from the main/status menu during gameplay, and I hope/plan to allow players to access it from the title screen at some point (sort of how the PSX remakes of various Square classics did it). You can compare enemy stats, browse all the items and equipment choices, and even unlock some interesting data concerning various Regions of the game using Map Fragments (yes those are finally implemented, though the corresponding Codex entries are still a work in progress).

On the subject of Chapter 3, it is coming right along! I will update the itch demo as soon as it's ready, hopefully early March. After that, I plan to take a brief break from Soul Survivor to work on a side project (the all important Harold game jam and collect player feedback regarding the final chapter, to ensure the everything is well-polished before the final release.

Let me know what you think of the new version, and stay tuned for more content!


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