Bugfix and More

Version .7.2 of the demo features one significant bug fix, some balance tweaks, and a bunch of behind-the-scenes stuff for Chapter 3 that I can't unveil yet.

Change log:

  • Fixed a bug where on respawn you could select invalid classes/professions, resulting in a missing character sprite and some other general funkiness
  • Reduced the base healing value from Super and Mega potions to be more in line with player HP growth combined with the effects of the REC (recovery) stat
  • Reduced the AGI penalty from the Demon Mail armor
  • Improved Health Containers to provide 15 Max HP instead of 10
  • Increased the cost of Elegant Parry, Bladeturn, and similar skills
  • Gave Spellsword an additional benefit of raising some TECH skill damage based on player Magic stat
  • Provided a visual cue (tint change) whenever an Elite or Potent enemy variant is encountered

Taking into account some player feedback and watching how folks interact with various game systems, I still have a few bits of re-work to do then it's back to the final push to get through the main campaign. At present this is the road map:

  • Revise the in-game tutorials (particularly the Skill and Level-Up systems) to provide a visual aid
  • Add a reminder for un-spent Skill Points when you try to leave an Area, similar to the prompt when you try to exit without collecting all 3 Items
  • Finish Chapter 3
  • Finish alternate/shuffled map layouts for Chapters 2 and 3
  • Add some fun "dynamic" elements to the title screen
  • In-game Bestiary
  • Add the last batch of unlockable Upgrades (including the ones you buy with those pesky Map Fragments that currently don't do much)


Soul Survivor Demo v.7.2.zip
72 days ago

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