Small Release, Big Stuff Happening Soon

Greetings, worthy Souls!

I was more than a bit overdue to push out a new build and decided today was a good day. Most of what I'm working on right now is Chapter 3 content which isn't ready for public release, but there've been some quality and balance updates recently that I felt were worth sharing, so here we go!

Version .7.1 Changelog

  • Fixed an issue with Spellsword not giving back MP properly (it's still quirky and maybe underpowered, so I will look at it more soon)
  • Revised the Chapter 2 Merchant inventories in Areas 2 and 5 for smoother progression
  • Toned down the Chapter 2 mid-bosses in Area 3
  • Added some new Upgrade options
  • Significantly re-balanced Confuse and Charm (again)
  • Reduced the Shadowdrake's excessively high MAG stat which was inflated due to a typo
  • Increased the player's base HP curve slightly to make the Max-HP boosting skill tree a bit less prioritized
  • Reduced the Tormentor's excessively high MAG stat
  • Added logic so Skill Books/Scrolls would offer to equip in Slot 3 when Artificer skill is known
  • Added logic to hide Magic or Tech skill lists when no applicable skills are known (thanks NeoSoulGamer!)
  • Revised the Upgrade system so that purchasing a new upgrade grants immediate access to the item/skill/equip, as well as making it available as a starting selection for new characters during NewGame+
  • Fixed some general skill and item inconsistencies
  • Fixed some item / enemy placement bugs


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