Chapter 2 News

Howdy all!

The Dev Logs may have slowed down a bit for now but the work on Soul Survivor has not! (well... barring an unfortunate bout with the flu that knocked me out for about a week)

Chapter 2 is coming along splendidly. I'm super excited to share the remaining maps, bosses, and secrets with the community and players! To date, all the maps, encounters, and item placements are done, and my main focus is on re-balancing a few major fights, plus fixing a few over-tuned mechanics that kind of flew under the radar in Chapter 1.

Once that's done I have to fill out a few more environment interaction puzzles and the remaining object/NPC text and then it's ready for some pretty intensive testing.

"How long, do you reckon?" Good question - it feels like I lost a ton of momentum when I got sick, and am still not quite 100%, everything considered. That said I think I'm comfortable speculating that Chapter 2 should be ready for general release toward the end of October, 2022.

Subject to change with or without notice, but that's my current estimate.

In the meantime, thanks for your likes, downloads, and all the support!

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Cannot wait for this :-)

Looking forward to it! And I hope you continue to feel better & kick the illness soon 🙏

OK! Thats cool! Chapter 2,ok!