More Small Updates

Hey all, small updates this go around but I am nonetheless excited!

Area1 of the second chapter is almost done - all the major items and "interact-ables" have been placed, though stuff needs some tuning and is subject to change, then I have to work on the shuffled maps.

Mana Bolt has been revamped to be a lower-initial-damage, 1 MP cost spell that is OK as a starter spell but also has utility to finish off weakened foes. As such it's no longer "strictly worse" than every elemental book spell you can find; plus, it does a very minor debuff to enemy defense and magic defense, making it of some use to melee builds.

I don't think a fighter would prioritize Mana Bolt over Feint or Salve even now, but it's at least viable, and I like it a lot better for straight mages due to the economy.

Also: Focused Magic, a passive skill that adds extra mileage to those early game damage spells: 25% more damage for the same MP cost! Affects any damage spell with a single-target scope.

The goal was to make mages a bit more early/mid-game powerful while not limiting their late-game options, and encouraging new builds as always.

Interested to hear if these tweaks result in any "broken OP" character strats - keep em' coming!!


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Jul 29, 2022

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