May (?) Features Update Incoming

A little over one month after the public demo release of Soul Survivor: Trials of the Goddess, a bunch of improvements and new content are in development!

I'm still hoping for a monthly update release, though May's is going to cut it close, so I might have to adjust that schedule.
In any event, I am still planning for the full game to launch late 2022, and there's a lot of exciting stuff on the road map to get there:

Feature: Randomized Gameplay

  • Shuffle map layouts, enemy encounters, and item pickups at the beginning of the run
  • A different experience each time you play the game (includes New Game+)
  • Unlockable feature to play a specific "seed" value for practicing / optimizing runs

Quality Update: Battle Animations

  • I'm working on a ton of improved battle animations that look better and fit the battle scene's art style more closely
  • Many skills are receiving unique animations to add more visual variety to combat

Quality Update: Map Sprites

  • Replaced some generic or mismatched map enemy sprites with more suitable assets
  • Deciding which battles to fight should be a bit more fun!

Quality Update: Bug Fixes and Balance Improvements

  • It's mostly minor tweaks and small fixes at this point, but as players keep finding bugs I will keep squashing them.

Content: Chapters 2 and 3

Chapter 2 is well underway from a design perspective, and it's sure looking to be even trickier and more exciting than Chapter 1. There are some new mechanics - and twists on existing gameplay - that you'll be sure to want to check out!

Thanks to everyone that's showed an interest, downloaded, commented, etc. and I hope to have another update for you all in a couple weeks.

--Chris (Mooglerampage)

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