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For Harold Jam 2023: Rise of the Allies

A continuation of my previous Harold Jam entry, The Legend of MV: A Harold Between Worlds.


Find out what happens to Harold and the rest of the HTML crew after returning home from their fateful encounter with the Dark Lord. What sinister machinations are taking place within the Dark Realm? What is going on with Reid? Find out the answers to all your questions - and some questions you didn't even know to ask - in this world-hopping RPG.


Sidekick system - recruit one of 6 different allies featured in RM community games:

  • Therese (Harold Between Worlds '22) - Brave Turn Battle
  • Sarah (Llewl) - Active Turn Battle
  • Chip (Axial Discs 1 and 2) - Subcommand system
  • Katina (the Katina saga) - Default Turn Battle
  • Zaphreal (Our Dying World) - Order Turn Battle
  • Michelle (Infinity Beatdown) - Skill Chain system
  • Your characters' skills adapt to your sidekick's fighting style
  • So do enemies' skills

Multiple worlds to explore

A rich story exploring Harold's inner turmoil and his relationships with the HTML crew

Break Shield system

Equipment upgrades

Limit breaks


This game will probably run in excess of the 1 hour allotted for game ratings. If you're rating this for the jam queue, please observe the ratings guidelines posted by Human. (that said, I encourage folks to finish the game even if they can't rate all of their experience)

It is significantly less challenging than my Harold 2022 entry but has no difficulty slider, and the difficulty is not uniform among sidekicks.

Updated 2 days ago
GenreRole Playing


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